Facebiz Pro

This was about my 10th outsourcing experience and it was by far the best! I’ve had a few really bad experiences, some ok ones and a couple that went well. Andrew and his company Bodu Web were so far ahead of all of them it isn’t funny! FINALLY I found a fantastic web design / SEO company! Andrew’s proposal was excellent and made the decision to hire him easy. His work was brilliant from the first moment until the last. He was extremely professional and very fast. His pricing was excellent compared to providers in any country. The best part was Andrew explained everything along the way in detail! A number of times I was unsure of a decision he’d made re design and rather than just change it to what I suggested, he’d explain why he chose that path. Every time his decision was the correct one and made sense to me once it was explained. Forget this lucky dip process, if you want a job done; just hire this company and this man. You will not find better anywhere in the world!