Website Analysis

We don’t just develop websites. We can also do a full analysis on your current website to pinpoint problems, and to make clear cut suggestions on how to improve its usability and performance. Once we’ve done a full report, you can choose to implement improvements using our services, or to take it to your current developer.

We prepare reports based on the following

  • Responsive

    How does your website look across different platforms? We’ll test it across different devices, and pinpoint problem areas. We’ll also test it across different browsers and different operating systems.

  • Speed

    We’ll test how fast or slow your website is – testing different pages for load times. One key problem for many websites, highlighted by Google, is that they take too long to load. This can be caused by poor design, substandard hosting, or problems with plugins and add-ons – but whatever the reason, the damage to traffic and repeat visitors can be dramatic.

  • Analytics

    We’ll take a look at your traffic logs and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your site. Often a site owner is concentrating lots of time on the area they think is the most important, while the traffic logs tell a different story. We’ll check your bounce rates, traffic flows, and traffic sources, and give you a report in plain english.

  • Social

    We include analysis of your social network profiles, and their integration with the website. Do you have lots of facebook likes but precious little traffic? Maybe you spend hours tweeting with little to show for it on your actual site? These are areas we look into, and offer practical step-by-step instructions on how to improve

  • S.E.O

    Often, when clients look for analysis, what they’re most concerned about is search engine optimisation. Why isn’t their site #1 for xyz terms. We’ll do an analysis of where your site performs well, and where it performs badly – comparing and contrasting it with your competitors and brand leaders. We’ll include concrete proposals on how to change any downward trends.

  • Plain English

    While the analysis focusses on the technical, our report will be written in simple to understand English. We’ll also go through the report, point-by-point, answering any questions that you may have. The report will have clear action items showing what you need to do to improve your site’s performance / usability / traffic / seo

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