Social Media Training

At Bodu Web we run various social network profiles, both for ourselves and for clients. We manage accounts that have thousands of followers, sharing content daily that drives traffic and search engine ranking for sites.

As part of all our website development packages we train clients on the strategic use of social media. To meet a growing demand, we now also run separate social media training, where we can help you understand the importance of social media, and how to find the most effective and efficient ways to leverage its potential for your business.

We tailor each course to individual clients, but amongst the elements we focus on are:

  • Your Market

    Different social networks may be more relevant to your specific market / business niche. Social media takes a bit of time to do well, so there’s no point in spreading yourself across networks that have little potential for returns for your market. We’ll tailor our course to your specific business.

  • Tools

    We’ll show you the best tools to use, to maximise the returns on the time you invest on social media. We’ll show you how to automate simple tasks, and how to develop a simple but effective routine for creating social content related to your website. Many of our clients are initially resistant to social media, because they’ve experimented and found it a waste of time; our approach is to ensure that you can see a clear link between efficient use and returns.

  • Benchmarks

    Benchmarking is important, to show how your social media strategy is working, and to link it into the performance of your site. We’ll help you set up clearly defined goals, including followers, content shared, traffic to site, and even sales conversions.

  • Skype sessions

    We can run the training session in your place of work, but most of our clients opt for the less formal and flexible system of training via skype. We have trained clients worldwide using this method, guiding them through the training session with documenation and video material.

  • Documenation

    All our training courses come with documentation, tailored specifically to a client’s needs. We include case studies, specific strategy steps, and background information to the specific social networks being focussed on. Our goal is to train you, and leave you with a useful reference guide in the documentation.

  • Strategy

    Social media is wonderful, but we take it as a given that you’re not interested in social media for its own sake. You’re interested in training that shows you how to get some advantage from it, and so we put a strategic vision at the core of our training.

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