Wondering where to start when trying to understand seo?

Here’s a really nice infographic which outlines various different elements, both on and off the page, that influence search engine optimisation. It imitates the periodic table to grab your attention:

Search Engine Land Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors


Now, apart from it being a very useful guide for beginners trying to get to grips with concepts like ‘on-the-page’ and ‘off-the-page’ in seo, it’s also a really good example of how providing attractive and sharable content, for free, can work to your advantage.

Clicking on the graphic above will bring you to search engine land – the link also brings the various search engines spidering sites like boduweb straight to search engine land. So it’s driving traffic directly to search engine land, and indirectly through enhancing its search engine ranking via link-building.

The challenge, then, is to work out how you can adopt a similar strategy to enhance your website.

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