The problem with AJAX and Flash – in terms of google indexing

There’s a great article by Vanessa Fox over at which, taking its lead from triumphant announcements at the Google I/O conference, discusses the still very real problems some sites have in being effectively indexed and ranked in google and other search engines because of their use of AJAX and Flash – two very useful and established technologies.

Vanessa’s article lays out the key obstacles that these technologies pose for search engine bots, and it’s important reading for anyone who’s entrusting their web-site design to a developer who focusses primarily on those technologies.

We, at Bodu Web, use both Flash and AJAX in plenty of our projects – and we’d go so far as to say that they’re an indispensable part of any designer’s toolkit. The use of either can bring big value both to the look and functionality of any site. But, you need to be sure that their use isn’t going to hamper your site’s ability to be seen by the search engines.

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