Matt Cutts is a big fan of Google’s ‘Spellmeleon’ – should you be too?

The head of Google’s web-spam team, Matt Cutts has been talking about some features that are already in google’s search results, though you may not have noticed them. In particular he’s been talking about the google spell-checking features – giving us a glimpse into the internal workings by revealing two different features and their inhouse codenames ‘chameleon’ and ‘spellmeleon‘.

You’ve probably already noticed the feature where google provides a ‘did you mean?’ link at the top of their search results, often helpfully highlighting the fact that you mis-spelled your search query. It’s a handy and relatively unobtrusive feature that saves plenty of users the trouble of having to retype their search term (though more than one person I’ve spoken to lists it as a pet peeve – you can’t please all of the people all of the time).

Chameleon is a more aggresive feature, where mid way down the page google inserts results for what it presumes is the correctly

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