Myspace have new CEO – Van Natta

Former Facebook COO Van Natta, who is currently involved in, a tool for sharing music on various social platforms, is apparently set to take  over the role of CEO for MySpace. Various tech sites have reported the news that Van Natta is to take over from MySpace founder Chris DeWolfe, including the Wall Street Journal’s online magazine All things Digital (owned, like Myspace, by Newscorp – so they should have a good idea).

It’s an interesting development for MySpace, which most agree has lost a lot of momentum to Facebook in terms of the Social Networking market.  In terms of media-buzz it may seem like MySpace is a dying beast, but it’s still a hugely important network – above all else for musicians and bands. Do you know any musician, either starting out or selling millions of records, who isn’t on MySpace but is on Facebook?

Van Natta’s appointment at MySpace will, no doubt, lead to some major developments at the network – whether that’s going to change the average profile of users remains to be seen. 

In our local universe though, dealing with bands who want to establish an online presence, our advice is still the same:

Yes, you do need a MySpace profile


No, it’s not enough to just have a MySpace profile.

Stay tuned to the blog for our upcoming post on an integrated online strategy for bands and musicians.

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