Thoughts from the outset on the Bodu Blog

You can’t constantly keep advising clients that they should embrace blogging and social networks to promote their site if you don’t do it yourself, and so with that in mind Boduweb has decided to start its own blog.

Not that we’re new to blogging, having set up countless blogs for different customers – often providing content and copywriting skills into the mix, allowing them to see the very real benefits that blogging can bring. 

The interesting thing is that we’ve delayed in setting up the bodu blog for precisely the same reason that most of our clients are hesitant to enter the blogosphere or social network world – namely time.  Setting aside the time to blog in any meaningful way – and there’s no point in doing it otherwise, a copy and paste job can only get you so far – is difficult, and the returns aren’t immediate.  

We’re sure that the returns are there, though, in the long-term – having seen the effects that regular blogging and use of social networking has had on sites we’ve worked on, like or, both of which go from strength to strength.

There’s another side, though, to blogging which interests us just as much, and that’s participation. We’ve benefitted, here at boduweb, hugely over the years from online resources and bloggers – whether it be for a specific problem encountered during a project, or just in general. This free sharing of knowledge and experience is something that was hard to imagine as little as ten years ago, but is now a reality and it’s one that we want to be part of.

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